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Catholic Women's League of Canada - St. John XXIII


Blessed Day Catholic Women of the League!


May the peace of Christ be with you and your household!

CWL is a great sisterhood and will keep members engaged and committed. It is essential to make sure new members feel welcomed and at home from their first day and every day.


God did not intend for us to live in isolation. We are made to be relational, to have relationships with others that grow and thrive. We are made for community; living and participating in community is necessary for our well-being. The benefits of community include inspiration, motivation, feeling understood, connecting with others on the same journey and supporting each other. Community is encouraging and fun; it attracts the Holy Spirit and fosters love. These are some of the reasons women join—the companionship of sisterhood experienced in the League.


Praying Together


There is a general council meeting every 3rd Monday of the Month where member's meet and discuss on the upcoming agenda and some fellowships. We do encourage members to join and all are welcome. Click on the below to see more events:


Biblical Studies

Daily Readings

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Living with Christ

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To know the latest news and happenings  with regards to the council's activities and members, just click on the link below. 

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